(Zipcode/ Census Tract) Score Option Bar

(Zipcode/ Census Tract) Score Option Bar

Zipcode/ Census Tract-level

  1. Select Zipcode or Mirco (Tract) from the Market Level dropdown menu. Compared option will appear. Select if you want to compare your scores Nationally or Among Selected.
    1. Nationally: A percentile score compared to all areas in the US
    2. Among Selected: A percentile score compared to populated areas on the map
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  2. The map will reflect your results. Zoom in at level 7 or more onto a highlighted area and hit Search This Area button at the center of the map.
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  4. To search by MSA name, hit  icon next to Search This Area.
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  6. Type in the MSA name. You can search up to five MSAs at once.
  7. Hit Search. You will see the MSA area you searched colored in. If you cannot see your results, zoom in at level 7 or more onto the approximate area of your MSA.
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