Market Stadium Walkthrough
Market Stadium Walkthrough

Market Stadium Walkthrough

Market Stadium is the best assistant enabling RE investors to make more informed decision with more degrees of freedom.

Overall Demo: Using the platform, Here are the benefits explained:

1 - Identify Investable Locations quickly 2 - Accelerate Deal Screening 3 - Create compelling Investment Storytelling

🟨 Overall Demo

  • Specifically, Investors can conduct Two Important analytics
    • Top-down analytics: Target your next investable location first, find the deal after
      • This analytic is useful when you would like to,
        • Identify your next investable areas based on your location scores
        • Identify your successfully invested areas in other Cities
        • Identify next gentrification areas/ less vulnerable areas from flood, tornado, wildfires, and Co2 emissions…
    • Bottom-up analytics: Accerelate deal screening
      • This analytic is useful when you would like to,
        • Deal feasibility analysis
        • Screen the deal if it falls into an area you don't like
        • Deep-dive analytics with rent comps, 1.3.5 miles analysis, property-analysis
Basic Usage:

A basic usage of our platform. β€œHow to analyze market by detail-level?”

🟨 Market Analysis by Census-Tract level

Urban Intelligence:

Find the next Gentrifying areas, commute patterns, climate risks & employment hubs.

🏑 Proprietary Urban Research

Top-down Analytics:

Location first, deal after. Target your investable location first to avoid competition & bring higher returns.

🟨 Overall Top-down Analytics

🌟 Customizable Scores - Make your own market scores.

Bottom-up Analytics:

Deal first, location after. How to analyze deals in a short period.

🟨 Overall Bottom-up Analytics

🏑 Multiple Address Analysis

🏑 Property-price Details

🏘️ Rent Comps 2.0

🏘️ 1/3/5 miles Analysis

🏘️ Custom miles Analysis
🏘️ Polygon Analysis

🏘️ All-in-one Market Report


Assisting your work more efficiently

πŸ™ Cluster Analysis - Find your successfully invested areas in other Cities.

πŸ™ Filter Analysis - Find your favorite location using Filter feature.