Mapping/Time Series: Traffic Volume

Mapping/Time Series: Traffic Volume

💯 Score Part

  1. Go to Score Options in the navigation bar.
  2. From the Market Level dropdown menu, select Micro (Tract).
  3. Go to Advanced at the bottom.
  4. Scroll down and under Commute, select Traffic Proximity & Volume. You can also type in the search bar to go directly.
  5. Hit Update.
  6. image
  7. The map will reflect your results. You can either zoom in (at least level 7) onto a highlighted area and hit Search This Area button at the center of the map, or look up by MSA name.
  8. image
  9. To look up a specific MSA, hit icon next to Search This Area.
  10. Type in the MSA name. You can also search multiple MSAs at one time.
  11. Hit Search. You will see the MSA area you searched colored in. If you cannot see your results, zoom in at level 7 or more onto the approximate area of your MSA.
  12. image

🕖 Time Series Part

  1. Click on a colored area on the map or search a specific location that you want to see.
  2. From the right Sidebar Navigation, click the 🕖 clock icon to go to the Time Series panel.
  3. image
  4. Select Commute from the dropdown menu at the top left corner of the panel.
  5. Select Traffic Proximity & Volume factor from the table. A line graph will appear.