Location Report
Location Report

Location Report

  1. Select any colored area on the map.
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    Default Market Level is at MSA (City). If you want to choose a different level, go to Score OptionsMarket Level dropdown menu. Make sure to click Update after making any changes.
  3. Go to Location Report from the Sidebar Navigation menu on the right.
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  5. Click Generate to view the Location Report. You will be redirected to a new window where you can interact with the report digitally.
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  7. To download the report as a PDF or to print, go to File Print from your browser.
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  9. Depending on your settings, you may or may not see some graphics on the page. If you don’t see them, go under More Settings and make sure to check Background graphics from Options.
  10. To print, choose your printer from the Destination dropdown at the top. To download, select Save as PDF and click Save at the bottom.
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It’s still in progress, so we are open to any new ideas. Let us know if there’s any information you would like to see on the report!