Market Overview Custom: Job Growth/Forecast

Market Overview Custom: Job Growth/Forecast

  1. Click any colored area on the map.
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    Default Market Level is at MSA (City). You can always change it by going to Score Options in the navigation bar. Make sure to click Update after making any changes.
  3. From the right Sidebar Navigation, click on the third icon to go to the Market Overview panel.
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  5. Go to the Custom tab.
  6. Select Growth tab located above the search bar. Search “Employment” and click Total Employment for All Jobs from the dropdown list. Select the factor from the table.
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  8. Next, select Forecast tab and type “Employment” in the search bar again. From the dropdown list click Employment Forecast YoY Change % (2022-2025). Select factor.
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  10. Click the 🧺 Basket icon at the top right hand corner above the table to check that the factors are properly selected.
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  12. Hit Update. Scores for the two factors you had selected will appear.
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  14. Select the PDF icon on the far right side of the Custom tab to download the data as a PDF.
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