Feature: Urban Intelligence Layers

Feature: Urban Intelligence Layers

👉 Short Video Clip (1-2 mins)

Urban Intelligence Layers help to bring higher investment return. It’s done by Market Stadium Research team (urban planning PhDs).
Urban Intelligence Layers
  • Commuting Arrow (where the people commuting from/to)
  • Gentrification Area (being gentrified areas with reasons)
  • Employment Hub (employee concentration)
  • Retail Corridor (retail concentration)
  • Score by School District/Each School
  • Climate Risk Factors
    • Flood Risk Area
    • Tornado (30-year accumulated)
    • Air Quality (PM 2.5 level)
    • Wildfire (weekly update)
    • Earthquakes

👉 How to make “Gentrification Scores”?

It’s done by urban planning PhD researchers in our team and they defined and scored based on top class journals & best technologies. Here’s inputs!