Feature: AI Analytics

Feature: AI Analytics

👉 Short Video Clip (3-5 mins)

Find your new investable areas that are similar with the ones you already successfully invested
Cluster Analysis
  • Select the factors & adjust weight that are relevant to your investment thesis
    • For example, choose population, income, education, median income (multifamily)
  • Select Cities (MSAs) that you want to find similar areas
    • For example, if you invested successfully in “A” in NYC and you wanna find similar areas “B” in Seattle ⇒ Search/Choose New York & Seattle
  • Generate Cluster Analysis and Color On! You will be able to see same colored Census Tracts that represent similar characteristics based on your selected factors & weight

Below information is helpful when you select the factors among above steps!

👉 Current? Growth? Forecast? Data Description?

Factors under “Growth” category generally represent growth of factors somewhere 6 months to 3-year
Factors under “Current” category generally represent the latest available data
Factors under “Forecast” category generally represent year-over-year growth for the next 3-year
Click “Question Mark” to see data description.
  1. Data Year - if data is 02/2023, it represents this data is Feb, 2023 version data